Nonviolence, Life skills and Leadership Workshops

Our Leadership Skills Enhancement Program's purpose is to enhance the leadership skills in the students/participants. Through leadership workshops, participants are taught the basic types of leadership and conduct different exercises pertaining to how to implement these leadership skills.  The organization will also have the participants complete self-evaluation surveys to help honestly assess strengths and also areas of improvement.  A “What Do You Think A Leader Is” open discussion session will also be conducted.

Our Education Program’s purpose is to advise our students/participants on the educational opportunities that are available and assist in the decision on a college or a career that will make them a productive citizen in the community. The Education Program Workshops will emphasize the following: College Preparation, ACT/SAT testing, Scholarship Finding, Alternative Programs, Military, and what it takes to get into college. When funding is available, the organization will issue different Academic/Athletic Scholarships (Books, Transportation).

Our Life Skills Program’s purpose is to advise our students/participants on how to take care of their bodies through proper body hygiene, dental hygiene, physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health.  We will also have them participate in different life type scenarios that will help them throughout life if the situation occurs during their life (Example Getting stopped by the Police).

Our Non-Violent Theory Study Program will advise our students/participants about the different theories of conflict resolution through non-violent means.  We will study the different leaders’ theories on non-violent conflict resolution as well as getting the students/participants ideals and recommendations on conflict resolution.  We will conduct Anti-Bullying Workshops while emphasizing the Theories of Non-Violence.

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